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Short Films
THE HIT ARAB SHORTFILMS THAT WERE SO GOOD THEY MADE IT TO THE OSCARS! The Oscars’ event is no longer only about the famous categories of best actor, best actress and best film....etc, as some new categories have been shining like a diamond lately.....Short films categories! Between being shortlisted, nominated for the award, and those qualified to compete, the list of the Oscars Shorts is quite impressive! Each year, the Academy Awards shares its bouquet of short films with all the film buffs out there releasing the nominated shorts of the year in theatres. In fact, just this February, all 15 Oscar nominated short films were released in over 500 cinemas across the USA, Canada, Europe, and Latin America, the fruit of a collaboration with Magnolia Pictures. This is not only happening in the US, as the wave of screening short films has reached Europe as well and it’s about time to bring the wave to the Arab World!