I Have A Picture

Directed by Mohamed Zedan
Documentary | Egypt | 2017 | Arabic | English Subtitles | 75 Mins
I Have A Picture " Film No. 1001 in the Life of the Oldest Extra in the World"

With the help of El Homossany, one of the oldest assistant directors in Egypt, Zedan, a young indie filmmaker, is making a documentary about Motawe Eweis, who has worked as an extra in about 1000 films in the Egyptian Cinema from the forties till now. Zedan finds himself stuck between how he wants to make his documentary and how the two old friends view filmmaking in general. As an extra, Motawe is expecting the director to tell him what to say and how to play his role. As an assistant director, El Homossany finds ways to dramatize every situation and help his friend, Motawe, to get into character.