Directed by Youssef Chahine
| 1982 | Arabic | 125 Mins

Chahine: The Restoration Project
The sequel to the autobiographically inspired Alexandria, Why? , An Egyptian Story covers the beginning of Chahine’s career up to his open-heart surgery in 1973. Chahine plays his alter ego Yehia, who gains international fame in Europe only to discover that, as in Egypt, film is as much commerce as it is art. The section of the film dealing with Chahine’s heart attack and surgery contains two remarkable sequences. In one, Yehia travels to London for the surgery and becomes infatuated with a (male) British cab driver. The other brings the film to a phantasmagoric climax as Yehia, on the operating table, imagines himself forced to justify his life and work before a tribunal in an eccentric sequence inspired by Chaplin, 8-1/2 and All That Jazz (Harvard Film Archive)

Mahmoud El Meligy , Nour Al Sharif , Ahmed Mihriz , Mohamed Mounir , Ragaa Hussien , Seif Al Din , Youssra , Souheer Al Babli , Magda Al Khateeb , Raga Al Gidawi , Mohsen Mohi Al Din , Layla Hamada