Directed by Youssef Chahine
| 1984 | Arabic, French | English and Arabic Subtitles | 114 Mins

Chahine: The Restoration Project
In 1978, Napoleon lands his army in Egypt, defeats the Mameluke warlords (the remnants of Ottoman rule), and goes to Cairo. Three brothers, who are Egyptian patriots, chafe under Mameluke rule and reject the prospect of French domination. Bakr, the eldest, is a hothead, quick to advocate armed rebellion; Ali is more philosophical and poetic while Yehia is young and impressionable. One of Napoleon’s generals, the one – legged intellectual Caffarelli, wants to make Frenchmen out of Ali, Yehia, and other Egyptians and decides to open a bakery where their father works, he becomes a tutor, declaring his love for them. Is tragedy the only resolution for these conflicting loyalties?

Michel Piccoli , Mohsen Mohieddin , Mohsena Tawfiq , Patrice Chiro , Hoda Sultan , Gamil Rateb , Salah Zulfakar , Tahia Karioka , Tawfik Al Dikn , Seif Al Din , Ahmed Abdel Aziz