Directed by Youssef Chahine
| 1999 | Arabic | 107 Mins

Chahine: The Restoration Project
Adam and Hanan are deeply in love. She is Egyptian of modest origins, a journalist, and works in a campaign against a rich corrupt family. In Egypt, corruption is everywhere and US interests are gaining control in the lucrative tourism market. Adams rich family and their friends in the government live in the heart of this system. Adam has a complicated relationship with his mother, a possessive woman who stifles him with an excess of love and affection. She is prepared to rid herself of Hanan, her rival, but the love of Adam for his wife is the main weapon against her plans. It is this love however that causes him to turn against globalization in his country, of which his parents are the main advocates. Through Hanan, Adam perceives the unlimited greed of international speculators and the secret bonds that bind them to fundamentalist factions. The couple committed to their struggle, find that they are to pay a very high price for the new world order. The film discusses issues of: greed, love, terrorism, and money.

Nabila Ebeid , Mahmoud Hemeida , Lebleba , Ezzat Abou Ouf , Hassan Abdel Hamid , Ahmed Fouad Selim , Edward Said , Hamdeen Sabhi , Hanan Turk , Hani Salama