Cinematic Gems: A Focus on Egyptian Directors (1950s - 1990s)

Continuing to bring our audience a rich and varied film going experience at Zawya, we are happy to announce our second strand for this year. The Strand is a themed program, continuing throughout the year, with a different film screening once each month.

“Cinematic Gems: A Focus on Egyptian Directors (1950s - 1990s)” will take us through the works of some of the most notable directors who left their mark on the Egyptian film industry.

- Event Films -

Drama, Comedy | Egypt | 1952 | Arabic | 110 Mins
Fatma (Faten Hamama) opens a law firm, but her fiancé Adel (Kamal El Shennawy) resents it, as he doesn't believe in Fatma's abilities, and in women's potential to succeed in life. But Fatma challenges...