Cinematic Gems: A Focus on Egyptian Directors (1950s - 1990s)

Continuing to bring our audience a rich and varied film going experience at Zawya, we are happy to announce our second strand for this year. The Strand is a themed program, continuing throughout the year, with a different film screening once each month.

“Cinematic Gems: A Focus on Egyptian Directors (1950s - 1990s)” will take us through the works of some of the most notable directors who left their mark on the Egyptian film industry.

- Event Films -

Drama, Romance | Egypt | 1958 | Arabic | 85 Mins
Sawsan is a poor orphan girl who meets Adel the wealthy young man at an auction hall. He tries to woo her and when he fails, he decides to marry her. After they return from their honeymoon, Adel retur...

Drama, Comedy | Egypt | 1952 | Arabic | 110 Mins
Fatma (Faten Hamama) opens a law firm, but her fiancé Adel (Kamal El Shennawy) resents it, as he doesn't believe in Fatma's abilities, and in women's potential to succeed in life. But Fatma challenges...