In the ever-growing Egyptian film market, independent films have to fight the dominance of commercial films struggling to reach their audience. As the number of independent film productions increases, and the local distributors’ continuing focus on commercial films, the gap between independent filmmakers and their audience widened. As the art scene thrives in Egypt, the appetite for art-house and independent films has grown with a rare few catering to it. Zawya Distribution aims to create an alternative distribution model bridging the gap between independent films and their audience through targeted and encompassing strategies. Zawya Distribution works to give films a long shelf life, traversing past the theatrical release, with a strong exhibition on TV channels, VOD and other ancillary forms of distribution including non-commercial releases. Believing in the importance of the Egyptian film heritage, Zawya Distribution represents the film catalog of Misr International Films, which includes works by Youssef Chahine, Yousry Nasrallah and Radwan El Kashef. Zawya Distribution also handles the international distribution of the restored films of Chahine, bringing the works of the Egyptian auteur to new audiences worldwide.