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You Will Die At Twenty
by Amjad Abu Alala
11 March - 07 July
In a Sudanese village, Muzamel is born readily cursed by a Dervish prophecy, stating that he will die at the age of 20. Muzamel grows up amongst looks of sympathy that make him feel dead before his ti......Read more

O Beautiful Night
by Xaver Böhm
04 March - 07 July
Although Juri is young, he lives in constant fear of dying. Nightly panic attacks for him are routine – but one night he meets a dark figure who claims to be Death incarnate. So begins a bizarro-Faust......Read more

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It Must Be Heaven
by Elia Suleiman
08 July
Elia Suleiman escapes from Palestine seeking an alternative homeland, only to find that Palestine is trailing behind him. The promise of a new life turns into a comedy of errors: however far he travel......Read more

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