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Experimental Summer
by Mahmoud Lotfy
27 September - 28 May
Both Mahmoud and Zeinab join in the search for the original version of an Egyptian film that was made back in the 1980s, all copies of which were confiscated for unknown reasons by the government film......Read more

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104 Wrinkles
by Hady Zaccak
31 May
Hady follows his grandmother Henriette as she ages and crosses the centenarian milestone to reach 104 years. He witnesses the transformation of her memory, her emigration from Lebanon to Brazil and th......Read more

Starve Your Dog
by Hicham Lasri
30 May
An experimental cinematic essay that rewrites the facts of Morocco, by revealing the dark secrets of Driss Basri, the man responsible for countless human rights abuses under King Hassan II’s regime.......Read more

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